Thingdoms Team

There’s no better time to build than during a bear market.

We are excited to announce another addition to the Thingdoms team. Tonight we officially welcome @GomGom 🧙 to the team as a Junior Software Developer.

A lot of you might not know this, but GomGom is doing a degree in computer engineering and already has experience in multiple programming languages.

GomGom reppin’ Thingdoms at NFT|LA

It’s a perfect fit.

GomGom is a true Thingdoms OG. He’s been here since the start. He’s also a witch. As well as being one of the first people in the server, he quickly became our first mod — by just being an incredibly helpful, funny and all round good dude.

As with D33J4Y, GomGom will continue in his position as a moderator in the server, but will now be more focussed on development and software engineering alongside Eoghan.

Pura Vida! 🇨🇷